Photos by Scott Shaw

Presented in Gibney’s Work Up 3.3 in April 2017
Performers: Melanie Greene, Shiloh Hodges, Liz McAuliffe, and Zavé Martohardjono

Your world is digitally generated, politically extremist, resource-depleted, selfie-obsessed, twerk-a-licious, and pushing at the margins of community sanity. Some might even say we no longer await the apocalypse. Welcome to GENERAL DYNAMICS 2.o — a “safe space” for somatic survival in the era of information overload. Join your hosts and work out your deepest socio-political anxieties and get the latest wellness tips. Our regimen is sure to help you survive xenophobia, gentrification, global warming, and other fatigue-inducing Amerikkkan phenomena. Watch the trailer!

• April 22, 2017

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