Liminal Bodies

Photo by Cassie Thornton

“Liminal Bodies” is a workshop that offers improvisational movement practices to help participants heal from socio-political crises. In facilitating the workshop, I explore the potential to decolonize the body through movement, endeavouring to slowly tap into buried and ancestral knowledge and to unwind the habits and damage of assimilation. In the workshop, I offer various exercises I use in my own choreographic practice including mindfulness, Butoh, and releasing techniques.

Invested in the well-being of communities that disproportionately face violence, I’ve offered “Liminal Bodies” in a variety of contexts including to self-identified people of color in social justice and the arts, formerly incarcerated women in rehabilitative housing, young Black, low-income mothers in an economic empowerment program, and LGBTQI community members.

This workshop has been offered at:

  • Web of Change 2017 conference
  • Movement Research’s Sunday Process Lab
  • Project Row Houses’ Young Mothers Program
  • Angela House in Houston, TX
  • The Montrose Center in Houston, TX

Thoughts from some participants who have taken “Liminal Bodies”
I appreciate the space to process the world with my body, and not just my brain. I am grateful for the reminder that I contain the power of my ancestors as well as the power of those who will come after me. – J.J.

It brought about a sense of present focus that sustained through the following week. – Cassie

I remember reveling in slowness, remaining in a meditative state, and I was very grateful for that — it felt like an active healing process. – Tara

If you are interested in hosting a “Liminal Bodies” workshop, please direct email inquiries to zzzag.m (at)

• May 19, 2017

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