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zavé martohardjono is a queer, non-binary trans, Indonesian-American artist born in Canada and living in Brooklyn. Working across performance, film, installation, and poetry, zavé uses dance and ritual as primary languages across projects that engage in anti-colonial storytelling. With dreams of a more just future, they make work that contends with the political histories our bodies carry and prompts inquiry into how healing and political education can de-condition the assimilated body and reconjure liberatory memory. They have made documentaries, experimental films, and video works that have shown in festivals and galleries in the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, and Indonesia. zavé is a 2022 Bessie-nominated performer whose choreographic and live performances have been presented in theaters, museums, and galleries across the U.S. including in New York, Los Angeles, Omaha, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and in Skopje, North Macedonia.

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Land/Escapes is going to Seattle and Providence!

I’m so thrilled to share that Land/Escapes, a film made in collaboration with my dear friends Julia C. Liu, J Dellecave, and Aviva Jaye, will premiere at film festivals this month! The film will be screened online and in Seattle on June 8 at the 19th TRANSlations: Seattle Trans Film Festival. 

The film will also be part of the IV International Ecoperformance Film Festival. It will be exhibited at the Brown Arts Institute as part of the Brown Arts IGNITE Series. If you are in Providence, you can watch the film in a screening on June 5 at 6pm featuring Rhode Island and Massachusetts filmmakers at Brown University’s Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. You can also catch ours and all the 77 films looping at the Granoff Center June 4-6. All events are free!

Stay for a panel after the June 5 screening! J Dellecave will be there to talk about our film, its concept, and our collaborative process. 

We are also thrilled that the film received an Honorable Mention at Vienna International Film Awards in 2023. These festivals in June are the first ones the film will be shown in – and we hope there will be many more to come.

Performing in Re-Seeding by jill sigman/thinkdance

I’m honored to perform in jill sigman/thinkdance’s Re-Seeding (Encounter #3: The Commons) happening Friday June 21 to Sunday June 23. The company is celebrating its milestone 25th anniversary with this rigorous ritual-based process grounded in an exploration of our interconnectedness to land and each other. Building on Sigman’s dances and installations about environmental and social justice issues, Re-Seeding asks what it could mean for humans to “re-seed” themselves on land where their histories are entangled with colonization and occupation in a way that moves toward healing.

The Dance Union Podcast

I caught up with the illustrious Melanie Greene, co-founder of The Dance Union Podcast, to reflect on the culmination of a five-year performance series, TERRITORY, and talk about post-show life, lulls, and feels. Listen on SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play Music.


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