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I’m an interdisciplinary artist. As a mixed-race Indonesian-American, I live between my assimilation and my Javanese ancestry. My queer, transgender, non-binary body performs multiple border-crossings. My performances celebrate liminality and non-linear storytelling and explore legacies of colonial empire. I employ non-Western dance and mythology to unwind colonial conditioning. I am concerned with the question of whether, and how, embodied healing and anti-colonial storytelling can be used to de-condition the body and untangle entrenched assimilation. With this core question in mind, I make dance improvisation works, experimental theater, multimedia installations, and performance art that address and subvert political histories. To read more, see my bio and artist statement or check out my artist CV. You can also find writing and press about my work.

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Teaching LIMINAL BODIES: Internal Practices for Unwinding Empire
Movement Research | 150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009
December 8, 2019 | 11am-2pm
Register here (starting Nov 20)

Invited by Movement Research Festival Fall 2019: ComeUnion curators Marielys Burgos-Meléndez, Jaime Ortega, and iele paloumpis, I will be teaching at three-hour version of my workshop, LIMINAL BODIES, Saturday December 8.

How to encounter settler colonialism as well as histories of resistance to empire through our bodies — bones, organs, fluids, and flesh?

LIMINAL BODIES combines improvisation and healing modalities to prompt consideration of our bodies’ relationships to power and empire. Participants develop listening systems to identify assimilated and conditioned bodily habits, explore how colonization shapes how we relate to our bodies, and attune to natural technologies and ancestral knowledge.

Movement prompts are inspired by activist, anti-colonial, queer, Black/POC, non-Western, feminist political thought and organizing principles challenging imperialism, capitalism, and white supremacist systems. LIMINAL BODIES exercises encourage participation and expression, work to build anti-colonial and radical political thinking, and make room for communication and care among participants. Activities are adapted to meet participants’ mobility needs and varying levels of comfort with dance.

Studies Project: Re-presenting Asian-America
Movement Research | 150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009
December 11, 2019 | 6:30-8:30pm
FREE | more info

I’m looking forward to being a panelist at this session at Movement Research. Led by artists who self-identify as Asian and organized by Rebecca Fitton, this Studies Project will confront the U.S.’s erasure of a diverse Asian-American narrative. The conversation will focus on reclaiming the Asian moving body from expectations of a “model minority” and confronting racial signifying terms such as POC, ALAANA, MENA, AAPI, etc. and their relationships to institutionalized racism, colorism and border politics.


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