in a red-lit gallery zavé reaches towards a spinning disco ball as the audience watches them perform

asmr4apocalypse was presented on May 6, 2023 at Artists Space for the Segue Reading Series curated by Le’Andra LeSeur and David Lindsay.

There are some things that feel too big to metabolize. Structures that feel too powerful to disintegrate. I want to acknowledge the multiple crises – of ongoing wars, racism, and destruction of livelihood – that just keep coming. Keep coming. Keep coming.

I’m offering tonight a collective composting. Like all fermentation, disintegration, it is messy. It may be uncomfortable. It may stink. It may unsettle. That’s all part of the work, I think, towards transformation.

We’re going to compost a structure that may seem impossible to break down. But we know that neurologically when we think about action, it has the same fruitful impact as physical motion. Please join me in this collective fermentation.

Soundscape by Daphne Silbiger with narration by zavé martohardjono

• May 17, 2023

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