Auf Naxos

Auf Naxos (2015) is a durational solo performance installation. Inspired by the classical figure Ariadne and the many operas written about her abandonment by Theseus on the island of Naxos, “Auf Naxos” offers an alternative reading of Ariadne’s alleged tragedy, thwarting gender archetypes and resurrecting her voice.

Disrupting gender stereotypes and questioning the tragic narratives and victimized characterization of Ariadne in the operas written about her, “Auf Naxos” references mythology and autobiography. Before legally changing my name, I was named after Ariadne by my father. In “Auf Naxos”, I transform into Ariadne — shaving my body and getting into drag — and then sing a phrase from Monteverdi’s opera, Lamento di Arianna. My movement is circumscribed to the limited confines of the small installation. And I place artifacts from my own gender transition in the installation such as emptied tubes of testosterone collected from over many years.

“Auf Naxos” was originally created for and first performed at The Sphinx Returns @ Grace Exhibition Space (curated by Whitney V. Hunter) and was performed again at a FABxAUNTS program at the WoW Cafe Theater.

• January 22, 2016

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