disco permiso

In collaboration with Shani Peters through the BxMA Co-Lab residency, I co-created disco permiso, an installation in the South Wing atrium of the Bronx Museum that was activated with two performances.

disco permiso offers a space for rest, dance, self-care, and political reflection. The installation explores lived resistance in the body through dance and shared cultural spaces that have historically provided P.O.C. and L.G.B.T.Q. communities a place for release, joy, and affirmation — including the abandoned warehouses where Bronx-born discoand house music emerged.

Live performances were set to audio recordings of conversations on questions of joy between artists Alejandra Duque Cifuentes, Ivan Gaete, Christian Haye, Leili Huzaibah, Mizz June, Hannah Joo, Alicia Ayo Ohs, Anthony D. Meyers, Shani Peters, Diya Vij, and Ron Kavanaugh.

Photo and video by Argenis Apolinario.

• October 6, 2017

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