This video is documentation of a performance piece, RUBBERTIME, that has been presented at HERE Arts and EFA Project Space in NYC in 2017. Footage of each performance of RUBBERTIME is interspersed with video of landscapes that are projected during live performances.

RUBBERTIME is based on a phrase Indonesians use to describe their sense of time: malleable, stretchable, adaptable. I investigate what ‘rubber time’ means to me personally – an Indonesian who never grew up there. Against a backdrop of images of the natural world, movement and spoken text lays bare the dissonance of being a New Yorker in a rural landscapes. How to sit still in the seemingly “peaceful,” heavy with mourning in the days following Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s murders? What turbulence emerges when the eyes and spirit calibrate to be able to see the chaos, violence, and wild of nature? Where in my body remains the pre-colonized, and unassimilable?

• January 17, 2017

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