something dangerous

2012 | 6:26 mins | Color | 16:9 ratio | HD Video | Silent
Thoughts pass through my head when I perform my own weekly grooming rituals. Thoughts about you who sees (or doesn’t see) me. Thoughts about being inside this body I happen to be in. Thoughts about the gentlest expressions of in-between-ness and expressions of not-quite-masculinity, which are perceived as nothing other than dangerous. something dangerous is a short film I made in 2012 prompted by these thoughts and my understanding of my mixed-race and non-binary gender identities. It has screened at the Satellite Art Fair (2018), the Bronx River Art Center Gallery (2014), RATS 9 Gallerie (2013), and the MIX 25 Queer Experimental Film Festival (2012).

• January 22, 2015

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