manifestroom (2014) is a site-specific installation and participatory performance that functions as a conceptual “action headquarters” and serves as a meeting place for contemporary political needs. It is a space for interaction with historical documents from radical and artistic movements from around the globe. It is at once an archive and a place of creation. Artists Zavé Martohardjono and Lily Mengesha conceptualized manifestroom as a playful revival of the radical politics and thinking that brought their generation to its current moment—one both shaped by legacy and marked by political memory-loss.

Photos of manifestroom installation and performances at Leonard and Ellen Bina Gallery | Photos by Loan Kieu

manifestroom_IMG_0425manifestroom_IMG_0047manifestroom_IMG_0437   manifestroom_IMG_0031manifestroom_IMG_0028manifestroom_IMG_0022manifestroom_IMG_0018manifestroom_IMG_0428      manifestroom_IMG_0008manifestroom_IMG_0012manifestroom_IMG_0002 manifestroom_IMG_0011

• March 1, 2015

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